Thursday, August 18, 2005

Hardware Analysis - Building a High-Performance Web Server 

Hardware Analysis - Building a High-Performance Web Server: "
We�ve been evaluating our server for more than 100-days since we brought it online, running performance and stability tests and naturally tweaking the OS, Apache and our html, PhP and MySQL code. One thing became immediately apparent when making real world comparisons to out-of-the-box web server solutions from Dell, Compaq, Sun and others and that�s the fact that we�re much faster and able to offer substantially higher output bandwidth than comparable offerings from these OEMs. This not only brings home our point that a web server needs to be tailored to fit the application, but also that home-built solutions can easily compete with readily bought solutions. All that it takes is a little time and effort and good grasp of what the web server is set out to do."

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