Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Flickerdown Data Systems :: 

Flickerdown Data Systems :: "About three months ago Flickerdown went through frequent interruptions of service. Eventually, this prompted a change to a different hosting company.
We also decided at this time to build our own web server. This led to further issues, such as deciding where to locate the server, how to pay for the DNS services and bandwidth, and determing the other applications we wanted to provide for our users. We are going to visit these issues in an upcoming series of articles about Flickerdown´┐Żs new web server.
The issue we are covering in this review is building the server itself.
To do this, we needed a new case. Chenbro has long been a contributor of cases for us to review. We had previously reviewed Chenbro's 2U rack mounted case and had considered using it, but we already had a full complement of six drives already scrounged up, which is the limit for this 2U case. "

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