Monday, September 29, 2003

More on ID cards 

As a follow up to the last post on Id cards, I've received more information.

ZDNet UK has a story on how the UK government managed the consultation period. In the interest of spin, a selection of complaints was ignored. The reason seems to be they were anti Id cards, and submitted electronically. So much for e-government and freedom of speech. Its ok, if you agree with us. If not, we'll have your email address flag on your Id card as a trouble maker.

There is also an article on Computing about the cost of the card. The estimate here is 5 billion, compared to the governments own estimate at 3.1 billion. Going on the debacle on the cost of the Scotish Parliment where the parliment building is now costing 400 million, up from 40 million, its a dangerous choice to make. There is also an interesting observation about dissent. How many people would need to not participate in the scheme to make it unworkable? On a straw pole, this scenario is going to happen.

The main protest site seems to be Stand I would go and check it out if I were you. As usual, the spin from the government is there. We have received lots of support for Id cards. From whom? Er, IT companies, credit companies, civil servants. What about complaints? Er, not sure if we have but we will get back to you so long as they aren't from a preasure group.

Stand also has a section on RIP, the regulation of investagtory powers. This is where the local councils get to tap you, investigate you, all without authorisation of a judge. Are you worried? Well I am. On the basis of Southwark council's perfomance where they will do anything to protect their personal reputation, council and employee, even to the extent of telling lies at public inquiries, this is a truly Orwelian nightmare.

More on illegal immigration. One rational is that illegal immigration is an UK issue because of the lack of Id cards. Er, so why do countries that have Id cards still have an immigration problem? Red herring alert.

There is another article here on Id cards being used for digital certificates. Again a red herring. You can get digital certificates now if you want, without an Id card. Even with the demise of MSN chatrooms, its possible to get a digital certificate to use them. You just have to pay for a service via a credit card, and that will vouch for you.

It's a bad idea. Say no.

If you want to say no, fax your MP. Try this site for a start. I've used it several times and always got a reply. Thanks to Simon Hughes for being more switched on than most.