Friday, October 03, 2003

The Dialectizer 

The Dialectizer

Check this site out. Give it a URL and it will translate the page into the language of your choice. Check out cockney in particular.

Makes a change from babelfish.

Thursday, October 02, 2003

Apple Peeler 

Apple Peeler

I've bought one of these 'Victorian' apple peelers. It works. You can peel and slice apples very quickly.
If you were cooking something like a tart tatin, then you can flick the corer out of the way, and produce a peeled apple that just needs coring and halving. Very simple and it works.

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Campari Orange 

I've decided I like Campari Orange. It's an adult version of Tequila Sunrise, and better for being bitter and not sweet. The colour is great. If you like grapefruit, I'm sure you would like this to drink. Nothing more complex than a highball glass, a large slug of Campari over ice topped with fresh orange juice. Or do it the otherway round. Ice and orange first, topped up with Campari. You just get different colours. The second if you have it with a straw, the first if you're going to drink it from the glass. If you don't you get a huge hit of bitter Campari.
Make sure you make it with fresh orange juice. One of the advantages of a juicer is it is easy to get fresh orange juice. All you have to do is make sure you stock up on oranges from a market. Mind you, as always, I'm not to happy about cleaning it afterwards. How is it you can design a machine that gets dirty, and you can't dismantle it and put everything that needs cleaning in a dishwasher.

Bohemia, Kreuzplatz, Zurich 

Bohemia is a great bar, and its opposite from my flat. The best Caparinias in town. Food is good too. Dim sum, a great crab and pasta dish. Presentation is spot on. It also does a very good brunch. It's one of things I've never worked out, why the Swiss don't go for a great breakfast.
I mean, look at Burchi Muesli. It's the sweepings off a stable floor. If you are stuck up a valley in the depths of winter, then maybe, I could go for it out of necessity. No, for a good hangover cure, you have to go for the full monty. A full English breakfast. Now Bohemia doesn't get there, but it does do bacon (swiss) and eggs. It does a good bagel, it does good pancakes and great fresh juice.
The only problem? The service stinks. I don't know why, but you can't get the attention of the staff. They have this habit of looking the other way and its bad.

PS. Check out the coffee machine and the Barbie dolls in the gents.

Monday, September 29, 2003


It's one of the real pleasures of life. Eating it, talking about it, reading about it, thinking about it. A sensual pleasure. As is drinking.

So, what's this blog going to be? Its going to be about grub. Restaurants, recipes whatever.

'Grub', if you're an American is food. Good wholesome food from a chip buttie (french fry sandwich) to haute cuisine (why bother explaining)

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